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Client Services at Bluewater Diagnostic Laboratory

Our unique approach is singularly focused on collaborating with you to turn hurdles into real solutions. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction through our state-of-the-art equipment and consistent turnaround times. Bluewater Dx is committed to serving our client base of physicians and other medical experts to provide each with accurate patient diagnoses leading to successful treatment plans. Our dedicated team of client support consultants provides real solutions for your practice. We work hard to be your single source for comprehensive testing.

Our Health Partners

Our health partners derive from diverse medical fields but primarily include:

Hospitals and Healthcare Systems:

Hospitals and nursing homes routinely contact Bluewater Dx for diagnostic and infectious disease testing. Our comprehensive testing menu coupled with industry- leading client support makes Bluewater the clear choice for standards of excellence across healthcare systems. Contact Bluewater Dx today to poise your hospital or healthcare organization with a proven leader in diagnostic excellence.

Employers: Covid-19:

Several preventative services are in place for employers to improve workplace safety, decrease loss productivity and decrease healthcare costs. In addition to serving the state of Kentucky with one of the largest COVID-19 employer testing programs, Bluewater Dx also offers a wide array of pre and post- employment testing programs. If workplace safety is of utmost importance to your company, contact Bluewater Dx to determine the right employer testing program to fit your needs.

Family medicine practices:

Physicians rely on accurate and timely diagnostic results from Bluewater Dx to provide confidence in clinical decisions and improve their quality of care. Bluewater offers diagnostic and molecular testing services to detect allergies, breast cancer genetics, cardiovascular diseases, celiac diseases, STI/UTI screenings, infectious diseases and prescription drug monitoring.

Specialty medical practices:

Numerous specialists utilize Bluewater’s highly complex lab testing for physicians practicing in fields ranging from oncology to endocrinology and neurology.

Medical Center Pain clinics:

Pain management clinics and drug rehabilitation centers utilize our toxicology lab tests to ensure prescription medication compliance as well as adherence to patient protocols.

Addiction treatment centers:

Drug rehabilitation facilities utilize our diagnostic testing to monitor their patients’ adherence to their treatment program by refraining from drug use.