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Unparalleled Expertise

Bluewater Dx Lab is a cutting-edge clinical laboratory blending state-of-the-art equipment with highly complex technology to accomplish comprehensive testing programs unparalleled in the industry.
Our testing equipment applies experienced chemistry lending to informed treatment decisions for the healthcare providers we serve. Expert scientists provide clinical data that determines the presence or absence of illicit drug use, infectious disease, or sexually transmitted diseases. Bluewater Dx offers real-time consultations to physicians from our expert lab team and highly trained client support team who problem solve your concerns one-on-one.

Laboratory Testing Methods

Bluewater Dx boasts an optimal combination of state-of-the-art equipment with excellent client support to produce accurate, clinically relevant results that improve the lives of patients. We provide a comprehensive and customizable testing menu with over 59 drug compounds validated on highly selective LC/MS/MS instrumentation for accuracy.

Two primary modes of laboratory testing include:

  • Immunoassay: A biochemical test that uses antibodies to detect the presence or absence of drugs in urine as well as monitoring disease progression.
  • LC/MS/MS: A highly specific test method used to detect residual chemical compounds and confirm and quantify whether there are contaminants or adulterants in both food and pharmaceutical sample the presence of multiple drugs and/or drug metabolites.

To learn more about our laboratory testing methods, please contact us at 502.538.2980.