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Primary Care

Lab Testing Services for Primary Care Practices

Primary Care Providers play a crucial role in improving the overall health of individuals who visit their practice. As a primary care provider, you are the gateway to other medical services including ordering testing services for diagnosis and treatment.

Bluewater Diagnostic Laboratory offers a wide variety of lab-testing results, including complete blood counts (CBC), comprehensive metabolic panels, lipid panels, urinalysis, and pathogen detection, among others. These tests can determine the patient’s general health status, screen for diseases, and evaluate nutritional status. Complete Blood Counts can diagnose conditions such as infections or anemia, whereas metabolic panels can diagnose conditions like type 2 diabetes.

Diagnostic Lab testing is a vital part of medical care and Bluewater Dx contributes to essential members of a patient’s healthcare team, including physicians, registered nurses, and physician assistants. We offer a vast array of clinical tests and resources that healthcare professionals will find beneficial. Bluewater is your strategic partner for single source comprehensive testing.

To discuss your primary care practice needs and to create your customized testing panels, contact us today at