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  • Excellence in Customer Service

    "Beth returned my call immediately and answered all of my questions. But she went far beyond the call of duty. When she learned that I would be traveling in a week, she gave me her personal extension and assured me that if I did not receive my COVID test results in time (over the weekend), to call her directly and that she would make sure that we receive them before our trip.
    I was so grateful for Beth’s offer.
    I wanted to make sure to reach out and tell you about how wonderful she is. In such stressful times, knowing that I will be dealing with such a competent and lovely individual is so reassuring."

    - Submitted by Lauren Freeman
  • Short Wait Times and Accurate Results

    "Absolutely the most professional lab and employees that I have worked with and have been very helpful with all my questions. My family and friends have had to get tested multiple times. Always short wait times and accurate results within 48 hours.  If you need a COVID test or any labs I recommend you go here!  Thank you for your dedicated services Bluewater DX Lab!!"

    - Submitted by Scott Hendrickson
  • I am blessed to be a part of this Bluewater Family.

    "…Once again I’ve had an opportunity to move into a new role. I am now the Director of Business Development. I am blessed to be surrounded by people with compassion and love. I have walked through storms with each one of my colleagues. They encouraged and loved me on days I felt I could not hold my head up anymore. They give me strength and encouragement. I am blessed to be a part of this Bluewater Family."

    - Submitted by Andrea Arthur, Director of Business Development
  • The staff at Bluewater encourages me and stands behind my decisions

    "I started as a collector with Bluewater and drove an hour back and forth from Northern Ky. I kept showing up everyday, took my lead position and realized I was good at getting people to come together, working to get the job done with a smile. I was promoted to Supervisor of Ambulatory services. A few months later, due to a job opening, I was asked to become Director of Ambulatory! The staff at Bluewater encourages me and stands behind my decisions. The opportunities I have been blessed with are enormous! I’m learning more about being a leader, and I’m learning about myself. All I did was show up and I don’t do it perfectly, but I am willing to do what it takes to finish the job and lift people up."

    - Submitted by Stephanie Texas, Ambulatory Director
  • Thorough, Professional, and Organized

    "I have had several PCR swabs done by Bluewater Toxicology and I recommend them to anyone I know needing a test. Each time I had a swab done I got my results within 24 hours. They were thorough, professional, and organized. I will continue to use Bluewater for all of my covid swab needs and beyond."

    - Submitted by Ally Holt
  • Proud to be a Card!

    "Sincere thanks to the ENTIRE UL Athletic Dept, UL Campus Health, Bluewaterdx Labs for making Basketball a reality in Louisville. Proud to be a Card! L's UP"

    - Submitted by Fred Hina